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FoolProof is a non-profit, improvisational theatre troupe made up of teenagers from Carroll County, Maryland. These teenagers are all drug-free, alcohol-free and tobacco-free members. Founded in 1987, FoolProof presents improvisational scenes dealing with issues facing our society and our culture today, particularly those facing our youth. Each series of scenes is followed by questioning by the audience of the characters in the scenes. We have a fully developed repertoire of scenes that are carefully selected for each show.

Scene topics include:



        -Teen Pregnancy

        -Drug Use

        -Physical Abuse

        -Date Rape

     And more.


Over the years, FoolProof has performed all over Maryland, as well as in the states of Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Virginia and West Virginia.

In order to best personify their characters, our members go through a rigorous, yet fun, training program throughout the season. Our professional teachers have been instrumental throughout the years in developing our knowledge and ability to understand issues society is faced with today. Some of these individuals/groups include MD State Police D.A.R.E. Program, Shoemaker Drug Rehabilitation Center, Youth Service Bureau, Rape Crisis Center, Westminster City Police Department, Carroll County Health Department, and more.  


FoolProof has been awarded the J.C. Penney Golden Rule Award for Volunteerism, and has been nominated for the "Maryland, You are Beautiful" Award.



Foolproof in the news!


Please contact us to make a donation or schedule us for a show!



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