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" 'We are in the middle of a heroin epidemic,' said Charles Hedrick, a 19-year veteran of the Drug Enforcement Administration and a group supervisor for intelligence operations in Baltimore, who was the keynote speaker at Monday's event. He told those gathered: 'The face of heroin has changed … Where once it was perceived as a problem of the inner city, these days the growth place of heroin is in your suburbs and your rural areas.' " - See more HERE.

"The scene will be part of a series of public service announcement videos being filmed by the Carroll County Health Department and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, potentially for release nationwide, according to Linda Auerback, substance abuse prevention coordinator with the Carroll County Health Department." - See more HERE and HERE.

" 'They are so awesome. ... [Their performances] are thought-provoking,' said Patricia Levroney, minority achievement liaison for the school system. She enlisted Fool Proof to perform at the district's middle school diversity conference in December.

'It makes you think about how you respond to different people," Levroney said. "It makes you think, `I do that?'" - See more HERE.

"The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) provides technical support to states and territories in producing short videos that showcase their underage drinking prevention efforts, accomplishments, and opportunities for community involvement." - See more HERE and choose the video for Maryland.

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National Prevention Week

Family And Friends Show

"The group has been working to spread the word about issues facing youth for 29 years, co-founder Paul Zimmerman said. It hosts performances at schools, churches and rehabilitation facilities all over the region, Zimmerman said, and Friday's show was their end-of-year performance for friends and family." - See more HERE.

"Wilson said part of what drew him to Carroll was a video on the topic of underage drinking that featured performers from FoolProof, a theater group composed of high school students who perform scenarios relating to the topics of National Prevention Week." - See more HERE.

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